P R E S E N T         P A S T         A B O U T         I N Q U I R E

A  B  O  U  T

V       A        R       U        N           K        A       P        O        O       R

          I am an emerging artist based in Mumbai, India working with photorealism. My art spreads an awareness of the way sexuality integrates itself into the human conscience and how it plays a significant role in propelling it. It deals with human sexual instinct, its expression and its importance while redeeming the human from the oppression of conservatism. I combine art styles of expressionism into my workings as an experiment in order to examine relationships between the objective and the subjective.

My subjects bare cultural influences of attitude and expression as I explore sensual art. I embrace to perpetuate the female body as my main component on the basis that a woman’s form and her shapes universally convey harmony. I believe that recognition in the human form is only perceived and measured correctly through her nakedness. I notice growing disconnections to true intimacy within our timeline of evolution.

My aim is to widen the spectrum of acceptability across societies through intimacy of the human instinct, allowing for a reinstatement and use of its expressions. The intention of my work is to empower the demystification of divine love via the insertion of true intimacy into the growing loopholes of the human conscience and administer its means.

I toy around using typographic design aesthetics and paint letters in. I embed these into my working style to address core imports. I see design playing a pivotal role in the structural establishment of my art forms, allowing for interpretations of my story even where I do not use type design specifically—be it a use of a vivid palette or a heavy graphic embodiment.

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