P R E S E N T         P A S T         A B O U T         I N Q U I R E

A  B  O  U  T

V         A         R         U        N             K         A         P         O         O         R

          I am a contemporary artist based in Mumbai, India. I create artwork combining photorealism with expressionism. My art spreads an awareness of the way sexuality integrates itself into the human conscience and how it plays a significant role in propelling it. It deals with human sexual instinct, its expression and its importance while redeeming the human from the oppression of conservatism.

I embrace to perpetuate the female figure into my art as my main component because female forms and shapes speak of the universal harmony I choose to represent. Often depicting her nude, I believe that recognition is only perceived and measured through the nakedness in her form.

My aim is to widen the spectrum of acceptability across societies by bringing back intimacy of the human instinct, allowing the reinstatement and consumption of its expressions. The intention of my work is to empower the demystification of divine love through its insertion into the growing loopholes of the human conscience and administer a true perception of living.

I was born in Mumbai, India. Art found me at age three and has been a part of my voice ever since. It initially grew on me through mediums of drawing long before painting. I hold a bachelor degree in graphic design and for the most part, find myself closely drawn to modern typefaces. Hence, I end up toying with my typographical design influences at times, embedding them into my working style to address core imports. I see design playing a pivotal role in the structural establisment of my art forms.

My artwork also focuses on evoking the emotions and stages of arousal prior to and post sex. It emphasizes an allure seen in the character of the liberated individual. Following an ongoing study of human behaviour in the modern time, I place a focus on sensuality and reflect upon relative subjects. I eventually brand each work an ideogram above my signature as a symbolic representation.


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