P R E S E N T         P A S T         A B O U T         I N Q U I R E

V    A    R    U    N       K    A    P    O    O    R

         The ancients knew sex and lived it to reach their true potential of being and functioning. They also used sex through meditative practices to substantially evolve their spirits.

          They were well attuned to the mechanisms of their conscience and remained aware of its functionality due to this.

G  E  N  E  S  I  S           

Based on my research, Indians of ancient origin in India placed a great emphasis on divine love and embodied its workings into their livelihoods. They discovered themselves through the exploration of sex, enabling the dwelling of a consciousness that was a lot greater. It was only after their learning of sex that they naturally discovered the very essence of life and its simplicity.

It was known that the suffering from within— the ego, was what altered the perception of love making. As they progressed, they celebrated sex. This opened doors to advancements in their individual journeys as soul. They picked up higher knowledge and learnt greater expression.

The root causes of misunderstandings between people, chaos and violence known to prevail since the essence of time directly stem from a lack of the human desire’s comprehension, making it to be of great importance to attune oneself to the true ways of the human instinct.

The vital exercise of sex achieves the freedom of spirit. To encapsulate its practice is a first step to accomplish human salvation, seconding material wealth and lastly duty. Cultural propaganda and conservatism serve to mislead, only to enforce a resistance toward it. Nevertheless, it will eternally remain a part of man and woman.


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